Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weight Loss Commitment, 9 Laws Of Committing To A Goal

*9 Laws Of Committing To A Goal*


Wendy Bongalis-Royar, CEO of Trim Down Global  put it like this, and I am paraphrasing " When it comes to losing weight Wendy want's her Weight loss Product's and 90 day program,She states "is not a challenge but a Commitment.

Challenge is the latest buzz word suggesting a sports activity, competition with winning or losing.
While the word commitment has far more resolve in it's meaning. A commitment urges the individual to dig into the back bone of purpose with no turning back. A person endeavoring to accomplish a personal goal must go all the way to the finish line wholeheartedly!

Even my own coffee business Gaia Coffee Coop has been a test to my ability to commitment to myself and the well- being of my family, each day having to recommit towards my goal. When starting the coffee project there was only one thing, Going Hard! staying at my desk, pounding out my book day after day, no turning back, with no going home. This process changed me, so all I know is to keep going
A Student asks his master, " Great one, when will I know I've completed all that is needed to be done"? and the master replys " When you stop breathing".

Making a commitment to a Goal is a sure journey to completion, without necessarily placing time limits, but recognizing monumental markers of accomplishment along the path to your goal. Encouragement is the food for great things to happen, so celebrate each marker.

Through my own personal journey I have found these laws to be the principle rocks for pushing through, giving birth to amazing ideas.

*9 Laws of Commitment*

1. Committing to a goal is not contingent on any person, place or thing. But on your own behavior, a mindset derived from a profound need to continue a process of action!

2. Planning and seeing a project from the beginning to end in your minds eye. Then creating a successful blue print that you can follow step by step.

3. Tell trusted people what your plan of attack is. Have them help you stay on track by asking from time to time, "how's the project going"?

4. Be a list writer. Write down each plan of action day by day. Write memos to yourself when an idea comes to mind. Carry a note book with you at all times.

5. Be willing to do things you've never done before to get the job done.

6. Set aside an hour of power each day  Pray, visualize and meditate on your project.

7. Think Big! What ever past experience you have for the reason you have been playing small, Forget about it! Don't let it stop you. That was the past, this is now!

8. Don't listen to the Nay Sayers, get them out of your life, or the time stealer's, or the bigger and better plan distractor's. Stick to your guns,stay in your lain, keep focused.

9.Get Ready Get Set Go! Begin each day with doing something towards your goal. This is the most important laws of commitment. Creating momentum and establishing a habit of doing a power task daily.

I am going to add one more law because with out this step the rest are meaningless.

10. Unrelenting Faith  To insure the job gets done. You Can! and You will! get the job done. Walk in the power of faith, and confidence, That you are in it to win it!

By Simone Myles young
Ceo, Gaia Coffee Coop

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Massage Body Butter DIY

 Massage Body Butter

This is an Acupressure point digagram very helpful for massage for where to apply the body butter. However never apply close to the eyes while massaging a persons face.

 In Chinese Medicine the Meridians are lines of energy currents that flow through the body, that is why you see the little black dots that correlate with the different organs of the body. For example Stomach 36 can be massaged at the knee, and it will effect the well being of the stomach. That is because the energy points for the stomach run through out the body. I hope you understand this as a way of knowing our whole body is so well connected.

How to make body butter massage oil. This is the best recipe I have seen out there. Please watch with an open mind.  DIY Massage Body Butter Using Lavendar Essential Oil

Using essential oils may be beneficial, but not essential to this creamy luscious concoction. Lavender oil is the essential oils used in this particular film. Lavender is very calming, it is derived from the herb (Lavandula Officinalis) and from the Botanical family of Labiatae (mint).

Therapeutic properties are: Analgesic, anti- coagulant  anti- convulsive  anti- depressant, anti- fungal, antihistamine, anti -infectious anti- inflammatory, antiseptic anti, cardio tonic.

 Other possible for uses: Lavender is know to balance and calm the body and is a universal oil, and works where ever the body needs the essential oil: like arthritis, asthma, boils, bronchitis burns  bruises, carbuncles, cold sores, convulsions, earaches, I've even used it for my TMJ, fainting, skin conditions,(eczema) and many more.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Roasting Coffee The Gaia Coffee Coop Way

My First introduction video, Gaia coffee Coop a new venture for teaching people how to roast coffee at home and saving money.  This is how it all started at Vine & walnut At Alfred Peet's coffee store in Berkeley California.The Gourmet Ghetto was born.  More to come stay tuned.

Thank you for watching my video

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coffee & Butter

Illustration by Simone Myles young/

Good Morning! From the home roasting kitchen of Gaia Coffee Co-op & "How to Roast Your Own Coffee"

In the Morning I make coffee with my custom blend of beans I call the "Two Kings".  I make it with two exceptional types of coffee, one very earthy and pungent, the other smooth and nutty, both full body Arabica beans that rock my world. That with waking up to my cat who thinks she is holding a conversation with me. I might even believe I understand what she is saying.

So as I was going through my ritual, I had a thought (light bulb), it was odd, as so many of my thoughts are this early in the morning before my first sip of Coffee. At the time I was reaching for butter in the refrigerator for my oatmeal. When my eyes jetted over to my coffee glass sitting on the counter.
 (a moment) "What if you could put butter in coffee?" You might immediately make the assumption, wow! that's a crazy thought. But while giving it more contemplation instead of brushing it aside, I decided to unpack it :

 Of all the foods I love coffee is one of them right off the top! The others are quite simple. Butter, Sugar, Heavy Cream, and savory concoctions with lots of Cheese. So why wouldn't butter be in my coffee? Half the other things, are with the exception of cheese. 
Like a file cabinet flipping through dusty files, I had the memorie of dipping sour dough french bread with butter into my coffee growing up. How delicious the combination of those three things were, Coffee, Butter, Sourdough French Bread, and how most good combinations come in threes. The Holy Trinity of Garlic,Onion,Ginger,/ Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, The Supreams, And last but not least The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

 So heavenly this combination of CBSFB with little bits of soggy french bread breaking off, clunking into my coffee cup, with butter beads floating on the surface,   don't even care! it's so good.

And what about Croissants?  This is a flaky baked concoction which seems to breathe butter with every bite! And yes most people dip them into coffee. It defies common sense! Why does coffee and butter go so well together? and why is it so cleverly hidden in pastry?

 How about deep fried doughnuts with lots of butter?  In Louisiana there is a pastry they call  Beignet , originally brought to Louisiana by the French Colonialist, the Creole delicacy made with butter.

My distinct memory of sitting in coffee shops dousing hot doughnuts into coffee while I was supposed to be in school, where just the first signs of a life long addiction to Coffee and Butter. And no I don't want to stop! This is starting to sound more like a confession. "Yes Father Benedict I have sinned I stuck a cube of butter into my coffee this morning". But some how I think I have justified my point, not feeling so crazy after all.

I wonder what Julia Child would have said on the subject of
Coffee & Butter?

The recipe for butter in your coffee
Bullet Proof Coffee

Monday, June 23, 2014

Chair Massage

Seated Massage(Chair Massage)  Isolating the neck, head, and shoulders for special attention! The arms are hanging downward, and in this position it feels really good to have your hands and your arms rubbed. The knees are supported also in this seated position allowing the body to rest slightly forward taking the pressure off your body, creating full support for your skeletal structure. Allowing the mind to release the brain shatter and body tension, chair massage will most often put you to sleep, or fall into a deep meditation. Unlike full body massage this type of massage is done fully clothed, with no massage oil. A session can be anywhere from just a few minutes to a full hour working down from the head all the way to the toes, leaving a person fully recharged but very relaxed.
Relieves: Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain and relaxes the whole body.
$20-15 minutes
$40-35 minutes
$60-50 minutes
Soft music played and a cool water served after chair massage.
Corporate chair massage available.

Live Life To The Fullest

Empathic Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching
Live life to the fullest and don't waste a minute. Also keep in mind that we are not really in charge, but divine essence gently molds us, nudging us closer to our goals. Stay Awake!
 Intuitive, holistic process. 20 years of experience with helping people to accomplish growth through difficult times. We offer one on one guidance for setting clear goals using a wide variety of fun exercises to bring out the most successful YOU! Transition is not easy no matter what we are going through. Let us help.  Drop us an email to set a time for

free confidential in-take consultation.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Massage and Wellness - Comprehensive Wellness Package's
Get back on track to better health. De-stress, eat well and feel great! We develop individual wellness plans for professionals, and people wanting support along the way to better health and a happier lifestyle.

What to expect in a free consultation?
Something feels out of whack and need to talk to a nutritionist for advise. I have a simple approach for health issues, and that is natural whole foods herb and spices.  You want to heal, and you don't know where to start?. So you call and describe the way you feel. I will ask you a series of question that give us a better idea how to get things started with your journey to being healthy and feeling better.

From the list of healing modalities I offer, we can put together a complete plan covering three basic healing modalities- Nutrition, Yoga Exercise, and Massage. Maybe you just want to experience the nutrition plan & and yoga, to lose weight, or you want to try massage and nutrition for relaxation, and a calming diet. What ever suits your health needs for the month, it's up to you!

 But I recommend the Trifecta! All three modalities to get the perfect jump start all at once! But most importantly you won't be alone. I coach each of my clients to get them through the month, and to keep focused on their wellness journey. Expect weekly phone calls to get through it! If not I will be seeing you in my office. So depending on which package you choose will determine how many trips to my office.

The Wellness Trifecta :

Over The Phone Nutrition  Counseling
Includes one trip to Whole Foods Market, or Herb store, nutrition- meal planning for weight loss, or more energy, with whole foods organic choices of food for the month. We will teach you how to make healthy substitutes for the food you already like.

Massage-, Chi Nei Tsang- every two weeks or depending upon needs

Call for a free consultation and the wellness package's that best suit your whole body needs